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The Yakima Basin Integrated Plan’s innovative approach to water management makes headlines.  See what local and national news outlets have to say about our work:



Yakima Valley economy sees strength amid struggle – Yakima Herald, 7/29/17

Calculating cost of the plan -Ellensburg Daily Record, 4/5/17

Assessing 2016: Steps forward, but not as many as we would like – Yakima Herald, 12/17/17

Congress wastes another chance – Wenatchee World, 12/12/16

Innovations need to help ag industry on climate change – Yakima Herald, 5/21/16

Compromise paves way for water legislation – Union Bulletin, 4/28/16

Basin plan takes needed step forward in U.S. Senate – Yakima Herald/Tri City Herald, 4/25/16

Basin water plan plaudits well-timed, well-deserved – Yakima Herald, 3/25/16

A big week for regional water issues – Ellensburg Daily Record, 3/24/16

No. 1 Story of the Year: Drought hurts the county – Ellensburg Daily Record, 12/31/15

Assessing 2015: Some progress, more needed – Yakima Herald, 12/27/15

Competing Yakima Basin groups develop productive plan – The Spokesman Review, 11/20/15

Needed: More water for everyone in Yakima Valley – The Tacoma News Tribune, 10/12/15

Don’t count on drought going away this year – Yakima Herald, 8/1115

Editorial: The hits keep coming with drought -Ellensburg Daily Record, 7/30/15

Farmers reroute water for fish – NOAA Fisheries, 7/28/15

Cantwell’s Yakima Bill Represents a New Era in Water Management – RealEstateRama, 7/2/15

Basin water project makes sense for economy, ecology – Tri City Herald, 4/24/15

Expect some bumps on water plan – Ellensburg Daily Record, 3/25/15

Dry spell shows need for reliable water supply – Yakima Herald, 3/5/15

Yakima Basin water plan needs ongoing push – The Bellingham Herald, 3/3/15

Year in review: Teanaway land purchase is top story for 2013 – Ellensburg Daily Record, 12/31/13

Yakima River proposal expensive but essential – Tri City Herald, 3/11/12



‘The Salmon Cannon’ sorts and shoots fish over a dam – CGTN, 8/34/17

Lack of state capital budget delays water projects – Capital Press – 7/31/17

Top senators on energy committee introduce major new bipartisan energy bill – Washington Examiner, 6/29/17

Can private money solve public water problems? – High Country News –6/12/17

Farm drought losses point to need of water plan – Yakima Herald, 5/16/17

Salmon Cannon Shoots For Its Biggest Project Yet – EarthFix, 4/25/17

Army Corps of Engineers thinking big about restoring Yakima River – Yakima Herald, 4/6/17

Homeowners, irrigators debate cost and value of Yakima water plan – Ellensburg Daily Record, 3/25/17

Washington state mulls plan to keep water flowing to high-value crops – Marketplace, 2/17/17

WSDA estimates ‘15 drought damage topped $700 million – Capital Press, 2/16/17

Invest in Western irrigation infrastructure for big dividends – The Hill, 2/9/17

The promise of a plan in the Yakima Basin – The Drake, 12/19/16

Congress drops ball on basin water plan – Yakima Herald, 12/15/16

3 Dams to Be Removed in American West to Restore Rivers – National Geographic, 11/29/16

Grant boosts effort to dismantle Yakima’s Nelson Dam – Yakima Herald, 11/29/16

New ‘Open Rivers Fund’ to restore waterways, remove aging dams – Hewlett Foundation, 11/29/16

NOT QUITE DEAD YET – Politico, 11/15/16

The price of conservation: Group looks at federal program’s efficiency – Yakima Herald, 11/2/16

Living on borrowed time: Canal is more than 100 years old, but replacement won’t be cheap – Yakima Herald, 10/26/16

Irrigators, feds, team up on water project funding – Columbia Basin Herald, 10/27/16

Re-introduced Sockeye Salmon Returning In Growing Numbers To Upper Yakima Basin’s Lake Cle Elum – Columbia Basin Bulletin, 10/21/16

How the western water wars may end – Christian Science Monitor, 10/16/16

Record number of sockeye to spawn in Lake Cle Elum – Yakima Herald, 9/30/16

Deal could end bitter Wash. battle, but not everyone’s happy – E&E, 9/28/16

Yakima Basin water plan seeking $31 million in state funds – Yakima Herald, 9/23/16

Election postpones vote on Yakima River legislation – Ellensburg Daily Record, 9/21/16

Work set to begin on first-of-its-kind salmon passage at Cle Elum dam – Yakima Herald, 8/12/2016

Murkowski, Cantwell plot next steps for reform bill negotiations – Environment & Energy Daily, 7/8/16

Wash. lawmakers push for water plan in energy talks – Environment & Energy Daily, 7/8/16

‘Salmon Cannon’ helps move fish over dams – Yakima Herald, 7/7/16

Yakima looks at new fish technology – KNDO 23 – 7/5/16

Senate okays water funding – Daily Sun News, 4/28/16

Rare bipartisan moment in D.C. boosts WA tribes, farmers, fish – CrossCut, 4/27/16

In rare bipartisan decision, Senate approves Yakima water projects – High Country News – 4/24/16

Bill passed to help ensure future water for Yakima Valley – The Olympian/Associated Press – 4/22/16

Senate Passes Yakima Basin Water Management Plan As Part Of Energy Bill; Companion Bill In House – Columbia Basin Bulletin – 4/22/16

Yakima basin salmon, water assistance passes in U.S. Senate energy bill – Seattle Times – 4/21/16

Yakima Water Bill Passes U.S. Senate – NPR – 4/20/16

Senate OKs $92 million for Yakima Basin; measure goes to U.S. House – Yakima Herald – 4/20/16

Senate Energy Bill Would Move Northwest Projects Forward – OPB/Earthfix – 4/20/16

Irrigation upgrades save billions of gallons of water in Yakima – Yakima Herald, 4/14/16

Cantwell Releases Policy Paper Urging A Rethinking Of Water Management In The West – Columbia Basin Bulletin – 4/8/16

Yakima water plan touted at White House – Ellensburg Daily Record, 3/23/16

Senator Cantwell Releases a Bold Vision for Water in the 21st Century – Real Estate Rama, 3/23/16

Yakima Basin water plan cited as a model for others to follow – Yakima Herald, 3/22/16

Obama backs basin plan Summit touts water project – Daily Sun News, 3/22/16

Newhouse, Reichert, U.S. House take on Yakima Basin water management plan – Yakima Herald, 3/5/16

Yakima Basin Water Bill Introduced To U.S. House  – NWPR, 3/4/16

Yakima water plan bill introduced in House – Tri City Herald, 3/4/16

Newhouse, Reichert introduce Yakima Basin bill – Capital Press, 3/4/16

Working on Water – Ag Info, 3/4/16

Department of the Interior: Yakima Water Plan Is a “Model” and “Holistic” – Real Estate Rama, 2/22/16

Farms in state lost more than $335 million to drought in 2015 – Seattle Times, 12/31/15

Documentary on basin water plan airs on TVW – Yakima Herald, 12/31/15

Cantwell’s Yakima Basin Legislation Passed By Senate Energy And Natural Resources Committee – Columbia Basin Bulletin, 12/4/15

Rep. Newhouse holds meeting for water management plan in Yakima – KIMA TV, 11/24/15

Senate panel approves $92m for Yakima Basin water plan – Good Fruit Grower, 11/20/15

Yakima basin water legislation clears important hurdle – Seattle Times, 11/19/15

U.S. Senate committee approves state water legislation, paving way for federal funds – Yakima Herald, 11/19/15

U.S. Senate committee backs Yakima irrigation plan – Capital Press, 11/19/15

Yakima Water Plan Bill Approved By U.S. Senate Committee – NWPR, 11/19/15

Yakima Basin Water Plan passes Senate Committee – KVEW TV, 11/19/15

So wet, yet so far from drought recovery – Capital Press, 11/11/15

Reduced snowpack may lead to empty reservoirs – The Observer, 11/5/15

To save Washington’s Yakima Basin fish, just add water – High Country News, 10/22/15

KRD using first-of-its-kind effort to lessen drought effects – Ellensburg Daily Record, 10/21/15

Don’t get left high and dry – Daily Sun News, 10/9/15

Drought was rough on sockeye, and future could be an upstream battle – Yakima Herald, 10/2/15

Designing infrastructure to combat climate change – Daily Journal of Commerce, 9/24/15

Drought forces farmers with junior water rights to get creative – Yakima Herald, 9/19/15

Yakima water officials: Prepare now for next summer’s drought – Yakima Herald, 9/9/15

Port lends support for water storage project – Daily Sun News, 9/9/15

First of five basin fish passages starts near Lake Cle Elum – Ellensburg Daily Record, 8/28/15

Fish project on Cle Elum celebrates groundbreaking – Yakima Herald, 8/27/15

Congress Considers Legislation Authorizing First 10-Year Phase Of Yakima Basin Water/Fish Plan – Columbia Basin Fish & Wildlife News Bulletin, 8/7/15

Yakima-basin water plan heads for Senate panel – Seattle Times, 7/28/15

Partnership promising tool for enhancing water supply – Yakima Herald, 7/25/15

Under bill, irrigators could share costs for Yakima Basin Integrated Plan – Yakima Herald, 7/13/15

A Central Washington Water Project Gets Senate Hearing – 94.9 FM | Seattle News & Information, 7/8/15

Cantwell Convinced Basin Plan a Can-Do – Daily Sun News, 7/2/15

Cantwell Introduces Bill to Continue Fed Role in Yakima Water Plan – Capital Press, 7/2/15

Cantwell Bill Aims to Address Water Issues in Yakima – Capital Press, 7/1/15

Yakima Basin Integrated Plan Flows Forward with Federal Funds Proposal – Yakima Herald, 7/1/15

Cantwell to Unveil Basin Water Bill – Ellensburg Daily Record, 6/29/15

Drought Is Bearing Fruit for Washington Wineries – New York Times, 6/1/15

Integrated water plan moves forward – Good Fruit Grower, 4/1/14

Longtime foes unite over water plan for Eastern Washington – Seattle Times, 9/28/13


Message to Congress: Water is life for Yakima Valley economy – Yakima Herald, 8/2/17

Senate’s new energy bill good for fish, good for anglers – TU, 5/30/16

No joke: compromise on Eastern WA water and lands – The Nature Conservancy, 5/20/16

Guest column: Integrated plan benefits us all – Ellensburg Daily Record, 3/4/16

Committing to the future of the Yakima – TU, 2/12/22

Cooperation is key element of Yakima Basin Integrated Plan – Yakima Herald, 2/6/2016

Letter to the Editor: Yakima Basin water plan has great environmental benefits – Seattle Times, 12/8/15

Collaborative Water Management: The Yakima Basin Integrated Water Resource Management Plan
– Irrigation Leader, 10/7/15

Drought felt, even if not seen – Ellensburg Daily Record, 9/18/15

Why we all must work to conserve our water – Yakima Herald, 8/22/15

Why the farmer and the enviro really can be friends on irrigation – CrossCut, 7/13/12


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