Private Lands

The Yakima Basin Integrated Plan presents an opportunity to conserve private lands to protect and restore the ecological integrity of the Yakima Basin. The Yakima Basin Conservation Campaign supports the Integrated Plan’s goals to conserve:
  • 50,000 acres in the middle and lower Teanaway River basin composed of mid- to high-elevation mixed conifer forest and lower elevation grand fir and ponderosa pine forest;
  • 10,000 acres of forested land at the headwaters of the Little Naches River, in combination with adjacent lands in the Manastash and Taneum Creek basins; and
  • 15,000 acres in the Yakima River canyon, including the valley bottom and eastern slopes, from the Yakima River to Interstate 82 (I-82). The area is composed primarily of basalt cliffs and shrub-steppe vegetation.

Success! On October 1, 2013, the 50,000-acre parcel in the Teanaway River basin was conserved. It is the largest single conservation land acquisition in the state in the past 45 years.

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