National Forest


Teanaway Roadless Area - Photo by Holly WerranThe Yakima Basin Conservation Campaign supports the Yakima Basin Integrated Plan’s land conservation recommendations to protect and restore the watershed – from headwaters to homes – and provide for a wide variety of recreational opportunities.

The Yakima Basin Conservation Campaign is working with diverse stakeholders to develop a lands protection proposal, using the Yakima Basin Integrated Plan’s land designation recommendations as a starting point. Contact us if you would like to be involved in shaping the proposal.

The recommendations include:

  • Protection of about 140,000 acres of public land as national conservation and recreation areas in the Teanaway and Manastash-Taneum regions.
  • Protection of about 21,000 acres of wilderness areas in the Teanaway and Bumping Lake regions.

All of these designations would require congressional action that would occur separately from the Integrated Plan. The standard congressional legislative process for Federal designations would provide the necessary public involvement and environmental review specific to each area proposed for designation.

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