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KCTS 9 – Explore the Outdoors: Yakima River Canyon

Original articles and images posted to KCTS 9, May 17, 2016

by John Taylor

You might sit on one of these ridges on some warm spring afternoon just to watch the Yakima River glide through the canyon below. You’ll swear that river hasn’t really moved, hasn’t changed, hasn’t heard anything anyone has said for 10,000 years.
The Yakima River Canyon. Photo by KCTS 9

The Yakima River Canyon. Photo by KCTS 9

It’s one of those Northwest constants, you might tell yourself. A comfort in an upside-down world of computerized chaos and political provocation. A free spirit that’s oblivious to the hum of Interstate 82 traffic over the crests to the east, the buzz of boat motors on its surface or the throaty snarls of Harleys that make their way up and down scenic State Route 821 along its banks.
And yet…



YBIP does TEDx

Recently¬†Steve Malloch, a longtime member of the Yakima Plan coalition, was invited to present a TEDx Talk on the YBIP. ¬†If you’ve ever wondered how or why the Yakima Plan came to be, or had questions about how to develop a similar stakeholder model, Steve demystifies those processes with plain language and good humor.

TEDx Talks Yakima said:

“Focusing on the intersection of social relationships, natural resources and taking risks, Steve Malloch takes us on a journey through the process of collaboration. In so doing, he shares his lessons from addressing age-old positions around the use of water by presenting an alternative model for resolving conflict. Highlighting the courage of those risk takers building trust in contentious times, Steve’s talk offers great inspiration for us all.”

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